guys I actually shed a tear

but secretly they’re magical tights and you can actually grab those guns and they’d be all real and shit it’s like a superpower or something

YES, any weapon I draw on my body I can manifest as real objects.

mugensai asked: Not getting on anon. I dig your stupid face and your stupid voice and your stupid rockin bod. I dig you in general so fuck you god dammit no fair.

Wellll, fuck you too. just kiddin ilu

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Anonymous asked: I totally dig your honesty, yo! Also, your face.

Thank you thank yOU! 

Anonymous asked: Noted. I'm going through anger management and I will add this moment to my list of calming motivations next time I get worked up. So in the worst, fucked up, backhanded way possible, let me compliment you for so very effectively reminding me to mind my shit. I'll leave now. Sorry again.

Hey, for what it’s worth, you’re a better person for acknowledging all of that. I know one too many who let that kind of anger and behaviour fester and continue to hurt people. Thanks for your forthrightness, again. I honestly wish you the best!

lmao i anticipate when i get anon hate i just want an opportunity to use one of the million gifs i have for it

I have so many great gifs for anon hate too! Hopefully, I never end up having to use all of them. That would kind of suck.

Anonymous asked: You're right that was rude of me. I'm sorry. I had a bad week and that's not a justified reason but. That's. I'm sorry. Thank you for telling me off.

Wow, uh, thanks! I appreciate it. I know bad weeks can put you in a mood. It’s a good thing to be mindful of what you might say in those moods, even if it’s sometimes after the fact. 

Anon gtfo Yuka is perfect and should be showered with compliments and love <3

Thank you, my lovely dear. You should be equally showered with love! <3

Hateful anons are ants. Pathetic ants that don’t deserve the privileges of the anon function.

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Chris Pratt visiting the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Chris Pratt visiting the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Anonymous asked: I dig how you beg for compliments




I like to think of it less as “begging” for compliments, and more as “being open” to compliments. Because we all should be open to compliments, and if Tumblr ask prompts are an excuse to pass around nice things to say about each other, THEN LET’S FUCKING MAKE MORE OF THEM. Give and take is a beautiful thing when it makes all of us feel awesome, okay?

tell me something u dig about me on anon
Men are always quick to believe two things about a woman: One, that she is weak, and two, that she finds him attractive
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